phy1729 | what's the difference between _files and _path_files ?
ggVGc   | one has _path as a prefix
*       | ggVGc is helpfuk
ggVGc   | with an l
    --> | colinbits (~colinbits@ has joined #zsh
 benzrf | both are null in my shell
Mikachu | there's also the AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH option
Mikachu | you can still read the documentation, perhaps they have default values
   llua | they do.
Mikachu | i was trying to make it more exciting
   llua | caps locks was invented for that
 benzrf | :)
    --> | DavidDud_ (~DavidDuds@ has joined #zsh
  thrig | Guns N' Roses was never the same after AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH
     --> | Shibe (~ShibaInu@botters/ShibaInu) has joined #zsh
   Shibe | guys my zsh history isnt saving beyond 20 commands
    llua | typeset -p SAVEHIST HISTSIZE
   Shibe | llua: now what
    llua | chickenbutt
   Shibe | ??
    llua | !!
    ntnn | :O
   Shibe | ??
    ntnn | Shibe: man zshparam | less +/histsize
    llua | !!
   Shibe | ok
   Shibe | ntnn: what does +/histsize do
   Shibe | "No manual entry for zshparam"
    llua | are you on ubuntu
    ntnn | it searches in man zshparam for the term 'histsize'
   Shibe | yes
    llua | heh
    ntnn | oh boy
   Shibe | ?
    llua | !ubuntu
machabot | is missing manpages in a few releases
    ntnn | how long is it missing them now? at least two years
   Shibe | is there an online copy of the manpage?
    ntnn | ye
    ntnn | just search `man zshparam`, there should be a few
   Shibe | btw histsize env var is 10000
    llua | halfway there.
   Shibe | savehist is the same size
    llua | only 7 minutes \o/
   Shibe | yet "history" only gives this
    llua | history 1
    ntnn | yes, by default history is only giving the latest 20 entries
 Mikachu | you actually ran 'chickenbutt'
       * | ntnn snickers
    llua | it should only be 16
   Shibe | Mikachu: who knows, it could've been a real command
   Shibe | llua: oh thanks
 Mikachu | > echo hyperdole | sed superduperbum
machabot | Mikachu: hyperbole
 Mikachu | hah, this was a good one
 Mikachu | > echo cat | sed statement
machabot | Mikachu: cement
 macrobat | a while ago (perhaps in 5.1.1) I was able to bindkey altgr keys. not anymore. I'd like to, for example, bind altgr g to
          | pipe to egrep
 macrobat | bindkey -s ? " | egrep -i " # used to work
 macrobat | nothing if I press the key combo once and <ffffffff> if I press twice
  Mikachu | that's a bug that was fixed
  Mikachu | macrobat: ^
 macrobat | oh, great
  izabera | finally users can't bind their altgr keys anymore
  izabera | it was a long standing bug
  Mikachu | the joy of unclear pronouns
izabera | echo *(e:foo \'hello world\':)
   osse | intredasting
      * | izabera just added backslashes at random until it worked
   osse | That is the way of the shell warrior


  ealexp | hello
  ealexp | is there any way to force vim to use tabs when editing python files?
  ealexp | I've set my vimrc to use tabs everywhere, and it works for all file types, except for .py files
  ecmike | I know how but I refuse to assist in such monstrosity.
    tos9 | ealexp: Python files should use 4 spaces.
  ealexp | PEP 8 applies only to the python standard library, not \*every
  ealexp | \*every\* python file
  ealexp |
    tos9 | Correct.
  ealexp | "This document gives coding conventions for the Python code comprising the standard library in the
         | main Python distribution. "
    tos9 | The entire Python world still uses 4 spaces though.
    tos9 | Besides Google.
    tos9 | ealexp: Does your employer do something different?
  ealexp | I have no employer and coding is not my job
    tos9 | OK, then why do you want to use tabs?
  ealexp | I just prefer to use tabs because I think that, semantically, they are the best option
  ealexp | well the filetype plugin comes with the standard installation of vim of Debian, so I don't want to
         | change it
    tos9 | ealexp: "semantically"? Tabs have no semanticcs by definition -- but anyways -- more or less, no
         | one uses tabs besides the uninformed. If you use tabs, you're isolating your code from the entire
         | Python world
    tos9 | ealexp: If you still want to do so, you need to put your settings in an autocmd
  ealexp | I was wondering how to override this in my vimrc
    tos9 | Because the python ftplugin recocgnized the above (that no one uses tabs) and therefore has set et
         | in it.
    tos9 | So add an autocmd BufRead
  ealexp | spaces do not have semantics either
    tos9 | ealexp: Correct, which is why "semantics" isn't the right word.
    tos9 | The important factor is clear, defined representation and interpretation.
jamessan | ealexp: mkdir -p ~/.vim/after/ftplugin && echo 'setl noexpandtab' >>
         | ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/python.vim
waqstar | hi guys. i installed jedi-vim for python and that works well. However I am looking for something which
        | will auto indent python code and format the code as it should be. Something like Golang's gofmt
        | package, I installed that in vim and that is really good. anything like that for python?
romainl | waqstar: did you try google? or
waqstar | didnt think of using google. thanks
    <-- | waqstar (~waqark@unaffiliated/waqstar) has left #vim ("Leaving")
   ntnn | o.O
romainl | awesome
meth | vim vs notepad.exe rap battle.
ntnn | thats a bit like stealing a lolli from a toddler
 d3x | When said toddler is sleeping. And the lollipop is in a different room.
ggVGc | syntax highlighting really needs some work in vim
ggVGc | not sure if neovim are doing something
 ntnn | that'd be nice, yeah
ggVGc | I bet the 6 people in the world who know how to write syntax files would be happy too
   troydm | how can I set a custom status line in some particular buffer?
 tweakism | welp, back to business I suppose
     osse | troydm: :setlocal
     ntnn | troydm: &statusline is only per window or global
 tweakism | troydm: in order to receive support, you must sing a few bars from a popular song of your
          | choice
     osse | troydm: it's local to window, not buffer
     ntnn | tweakism: ohhh, i like that
     osse | oh oh! I remember some factoids I made for vimgor
     osse | vimgor: welcome
   vimgor | I don't know!
     osse | hmm
     ntnn | vimgor: hello
   vimgor | I have no idea, ntnn.
   troydm | tweakism: what is love, baby don't hurt me, baby don't hurt me, no more
        * | tweakism approves.
     ntnn | maybe we should inquire a vimmified version of the lyrics?
     ntnn | vim is love, baby don't :q me, baby don't :q me, no :qa
  phy1729 | no :mo  *
     osse | goddammit
       --> | Miesco ( has joined #vim
    Miesco | Hi.  Where can I get a pretty complete vim reference on github?
      ntnn | 'vim reference'?
robertmeta | you mean, the manual?
      ntnn | like, :h
    Miesco | It has to be on github
    Miesco | ah well, I'll find it later
       <-- | Miesco ( has quit (Quit: leaving)
         * | lopid shrugs
   phy1729 | vim itself is on github so all the :help pages are there
   digmbot | :help pages ->
      ntnn | i'd just say runtime/doc on vim/vim but...
robertmeta | also, literally 5 seconds of effort to fine
robertmeta | Miesco is rapidly becoming one of my least favorite #vim'er.s
      ntnn | we have a few js lads here, right? is it common that python tools are distributed via npm? o.O
      ntnn | because
      ntnn |
       --> | MachinShin (~MachinShi@unaffiliated/machinshin) has joined #vim
MachinShin | no, it's not really common, ime
MachinShin | but that's also a really pointless tool
      ntnn | ye, that too
      ntnn | it seems he really doesn't know about ssh-copy-id
MachinShin | or the fact that you can get all of that from the ~/.ssh/config :)
   teatime | are python tools common in npm?  no.
   teatime | but terrible ideas are.
MachinShin | lol.. +1
      ntnn | teatime++
   qstrahl | ++teatime
   teatime | lol
      ntnn | premature optimization
   qstrahl | I'll have you know some people prefer that, ntnn
      ntnn | i know, i do it too
MachinShin | prefer what?
      ntnn | ++x instead of x++
MachinShin | ah
   teatime | I have a strong desire to shit all over this xxh tool
      ntnn | ditto
   teatime | but it would serve no productive purpose and hurt the guy's feelings
      ntnn | ye
      ntnn | plus hes just starting out
   teatime | yes
      ntnn | everyone makes mistakes
MachinShin | i still can't believe that we've got (seemingly) dozens of package managers per language :|
   qstrahl | teatime, That's what channel gossip is for.
MachinShin | heeh indeed
      ntnn | ye, i saw qpm... a package manager for qt
   qstrahl | Okay I am cashing in my obscenity card
   qstrahl | What the fuck? qpm? Seriously?
      ntnn | :D
   qstrahl | You're lying. I'm going to look it up.
MachinShin | ... :/
      ntnn |
      ntnn | even a .io :D all got their bullshit bingo ready?
   qstrahl | ntnn You put that website up just to pull this joke on me
      ntnn | oh, and JS warning, the site only pulls up with a js function so you'll have to enable that
      ntnn | nah, i'm way too lazy for that
      ntnn | remember? i haven't even switched my ssl cert
   qstrahl | I don't want to believe, ntnn
   qstrahl | Don't do this to me
      ntnn | then stay sane like the rest and either risk your life in extreme sports or start drinking
           | honey-rum coffee
   qstrahl | Guess I'm planning another snowboarding trip
      ntnn | thats the spirit
   qstrahl | This time I'll hit my head so hard I'll forget qpm exists
         * | teatime tries to do the same thing for xxh
   qstrahl | We should make a thing of this. Everyone gets together to have fun sustaining blunt force
           | trauma and forgetting about tech we hate
   qstrahl | We'll call it a smackathon
      ntnn | :D
   qstrahl | The tech startups will love it
   teatime | how hard do you think it would be to knock everything post 1992 out of my brain?
      ntnn | i'd rather not work with kernel v0.18 <.<
   qstrahl | Uugh
   teatime | ntnn: meh, I'll be fine on slowlaris
   teatime | get me a sexy sparcbook..
   qstrahl | Thanks teatime I almost forgot how much I hate old tech too. I think I will go Amish.
TheLemonMan | osse, any chance you're going to unfuck it anytime soon ?
 robertmeta | lol
 robertmeta | patches welcome?
TheLemonMan | that's not how open source works!
       osse | robertmeta: oo, nice site.
 robertmeta | osse: a bit of a reboot, trying to make it useful.
 robertmeta | TheLemonMan: in reality, you are right, open source is dozens of people bitching at a single
            | person to fix stuff :)
       osse | TheLemonMan: honestly, probably not. I worked at it for a while then realized I don't really
            | know how 'comments' works so I effectively gave up
       osse | as for "patches welcome", sure go ahead. there are some PR's there already that I didn't accept
            | which either were kinda ugly or i couldn't understand
TheLemonMan | robertmeta, yeah, pretty much the best definition
  --> | pale3 ( has joined #vim
pale3 | in vimscript, how can I pass Foo("hello", "User") to function Foo as literal strings?
  <-- | pale3 ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  --> | pale3 ( has joined #vim
lopid | and that's how you pass a function as a string
pale3 | lopid: please, can you resend your answer, I lost net connection
 ntnn | lopid: well explained, chapeau
   lopid | it is 2016 and people still have problems with colour terminals
   _3by8 | ntnn: I'm running Ubuntu 16.04, no GNOME or anything.
    ntnn | uh... ubuntus default is plasma, innit?
    ntnn | or unity?
    ntnn | lopid: its _magic_
collin38 | it's unity for ubuntu
   _3by8 | Plasma is KDE's compositor I think... Ubuntu's default desktop is Unity but I'm not running a
         | desktop like GNOME or anything.
    ntnn | whats your DE/WM?
collin38 | _3by8: you mean you aren't running X?
    ntnn | probably
    ntnn | :D
   _3by8 | collin38: exactly!
    ntnn | well, thats different
collin38 | _3by8: so from your terminal, type 'urxvt' or 'xterm' or w/e you installed
collin38 | oh wait
collin38 | I lied
    ntnn | no x
    ntnn | _3by8: in that case you can fiddle with your term
       * | lopid sniggers
   _3by8 | :(
    ntnn | now its getting interesting
    ntnn | check that your ncurses has linux-256color terminfo
    ntnn | wait... methinks that doesn't exist at all
    ntnn | linux-16color
robertmeta | cryptopsy: let me try to state this as plainly as I can.  If you have a situation where y10y
           | copies 70 lines -- and you "fix" it by removing "set shiftwidth=1" -- something is
           | tremendously wrong with your setup
         * | lopid chuckles
mozzarella | yeah, that's what I want
mozzarella | sounds complicated man
mozzarella | for the first line to be folded too, it must be on the same "foldlevel" as its "children"?
      ntnn | mozzarella: ye, a fold starts where that level occured until a level lower (mean: smaller
           | level) occurres
mozzarella | ntnn: is this what I need (in terms of levels)?
mozzarella | not sure about the "hello" line
       --> | meth (~Methylato@unaffiliated/meth) has joined #vim
      ntnn | with foldmethod indent hello would be l2, test and lol l3, cool l2 and wut and lol below hehe
           | l2
mozzarella | yeah but foldmethod indent doesn't do what I want
mozzarella | because the lines quick tasks and hehe are not part of the folds
      ntnn | because they have no indent
      ntnn | ergo foldlevel is 0 -> no fold
mozzarella | I'd like the "quick tasks" group and "hehe" group to be two different folds
mozzarella | with foldmethod=indent they're on the same fold
      ntnn | you'll have to write a fold expression for that
mozzarella | but you understand what I want, right?
mozzarella | can you tell me what each line's foldlevel should be? on my example
mozzarella | and I'll try to write it tomorrow
      ntnn | you want quick tasks and hehe to be different folds that begin there, so '>1', same for hello
           | just with l2 ('>2') and the rest maintains the level '='). however you'll have to close the
           | first foldlevel 1 before hehe, so cool will have to close it with '<1'
      meth | hehe
brunch875 | I have absolutely no knowledge of autoload. Cheers ntnn! 😁
     ntnn | brunch875: are you trying to use unicode?
brunch875 | Does it not work?
     ntnn | maybe, i'd need to use a client and terminal that supports it to judge that
brunch875 | Damn! I didn't think of this
brunch875 | ascii transliteration for backwards compatibility: ^^
    lopid | so far all i've seen are question marks in squares
    lopid | well, that's not _all_ i've seen ;)
brunch875 | bah, I was all hyped up about having set up a layout which enters unicode smileys
brunch875 | felt like a 1337 h4ck3r
     ntnn | ... because you're using unicode smileys?
    lopid | fail
brunch875 | because I managed to fiddle with xkb to use ctrl-gr
     ntnn | okay, that makes more sense :D
brunch875 | the broken smileys are just a treat :p
brunch875 | but I guess I'll have to revert to plain old ascii
     ntnn | i'll still put that to my quotes and deliberately misrepresent it
   meth | oh wait my bad, i had to remerge Xresources. thanks ntnn.
   ntnn | o.O
romainl | what would be the relationship, here?
   osse | It's complicated.
21:31:44  #vim      hor1ace | and autocompletion is the best for c++
21:32:22  #vim            * | ntnn raises an eyebrow
21:32:35  #vim      hor1ace | i don't think that vim native auto-completion is sufficient for c++
21:32:48  #vim          --> | qrvpzvb ( has joined #vim
21:32:51  #vim         ntnn | vim doesn't have native autocompletion
21:32:52  #vim      romainl | vim doesn't have native autocompletion
21:32:57  #vim      romainl | o/
21:33:00  #vim      hor1ace | the feature that libclang provide is really good
21:33:01  #vim         ntnn | heh
21:33:32  #vim      qrvpzvb | there's a difference between autocompletion source and they way to trigger them
   m712 | hello, so uh
   m712 | when i open a vim instance xorg's cpu usage jumps to 50%
   m712 | when i close it goes back to 5%
   m712 | what is going on here?
romainl | you are starting a program and your system mobilizes more resources for it
       CavariuX | Hi guys, I'm using Syntastic with c++ any way so I can add a header to the path so it doesn't sends me an error?
           ntnn | vimgor: syntastic
         vimgor | Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin that runs buffers through external syntax checkers as they are saved and opened. If syntax errors are detected, the user is notified and is happy because they didn't have to compile their code or
                | execute their script to find them. - ::: BUT... you don't need syntastic --
           ntnn | mhm
           ntnn | CavariuX: did you check the docs?
       CavariuX | ntnn: Yep I have read the docs but they even say the method they are using is outdated so it isn't working
           ntnn | well, that tells quite something about the plugin, doesn't it
       CavariuX | ntnn: Yep, but I have being looking for a way to tell the plugin that the header is from a lib but I can't find a way and the docs are outdated
       CavariuX | vimgor: I already knew quickfix but I think this is pretty damn cool thanks
         vimgor | I hear ya!
        phy1729 | vimgor: forget I already knew quickfix but I think this
         vimgor | 10-4.
       CavariuX | vimgor: I think the easist solution is to delete syntastic and use make and quickfix is more usefull, thanks :3
         vimgor | Okay, CavariuX.
              * | ntnn snickers
davidosomething | they're learning EVERYTHING
        phy1729 | vimgor: forget I think the easist solution
         vimgor | Okay, phy1729.
           ntnn | aw :(
       CavariuX | phy1729: I just realized vimgor is a bot x'ddd
        phy1729 | vimgor is a bot
         vimgor | I am not!
           ntnn | phy1729: forget I just realized vimgor
davidosomething | XXD
        phy1729 | ntnn: 10-4
       CavariuX | Yep he is, just checked his whois
       CavariuX | x'ddddd
           ntnn | \o/
osse | Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from regex


mhi^ | [13:56:17] So I got a PR that changes the shebang from "#!/usr/bin/env python3" to
     | "#!/usr/local/google/home/gbin/prefix/bin/python3.6"...


  wraeth | grknight: :D
  wraeth | grknight: i just let portage have it's way with my configuration files and clean up afterwards XD
       * | torindel usually doesnt let portage to touch his conf ^^
torindel | mine! mine! <waves little shovel in the sandbox>

 froller | "but I don't know how to use linux!" "well, you don't know how to use windows either, so what's
         | the problem exactly here?"


*buffextras | [17:08:11] carpetbomb! set mode: +vvvv Hyperion2010 blueness_ _andyj_
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   +edit_21 | [17:08:19] tee hee hee
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+Cheaterman | [17:08:26] Owiiiii edit_21 :D
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            | Jens
   gentwo__ | [17:08:30] DimeCadmium: give me your facebook, let me add you friend list.. by the way it took me
            | almost 3 minutes to find out where the hell is log out button for a$$book
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+Cheaterman | [17:08:48] gentwo__: you're not supposed to use it:p
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+Cheaterman | [17:09:16] like "whaaa you want us to stop tracking you? are you sure? SURE??? REALLY SURE?????"
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   gentwo__ | [17:09:21] Cheaterman: i do open that faceblock once in a while, every three months once
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          * | carpetbomb [17:10:05] apologies for the spaaaaaam


@MoonchildPM | Really?
@MoonchildPM | No.
@MoonchildPM | Because if you start on that then you're gonna have people complain about every little itty bitty
             | change from now on and demanding a new theme
@MoonchildPM | I won't have it.
      @Tobin | understood.. was an idea tho
      @Tobin | on to other things
@MoonchildPM | Just call a waaaambulance and take them away.
 --> | Tina (189ce01e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #palemoon
Tina | Have a couple of questions
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 @CaptainTobin | User Survey... How would you rate my performance and effectiveness in administrating and
               | coordinating this channel on a scale from 1 to awesome
 @CaptainTobin | i want an honest answer
     +Greywool | Where does potato place on the scale?
         +ntnn | you don't place a potate on a banana
 @CaptainTobin | If you are Ashens then rather high
     +Greywool | Haven't seen anything to complain about
         +ntnn | nah, honest? there isn't soo much to do and if a question like that comes up you take care that it
               | is answered properly, so its all good n dandy
 @CaptainTobin | How about environment
+AndyTheAbsurd | Is "over 9000" an acceptable response?
         +ntnn | time flies
+AndyTheAbsurd | time flies like an arrow
+AndyTheAbsurd | fruit flies like a banana
         +ntnn | <.<
+AndyTheAbsurd | English is confusing language.
+AndyTheAbsurd | ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Ryan659 | Lacking sanity is pretty much a requirement for this chan


  LEI | Hey
  LEI | I think I need some help with tmux and git its driving me nuts
  LEI | started using tmux not so long ago and everything is fine except this morning
  LEI | I cant git pull/push anymore from a tmux session, but it works outside
  LEI | I get a fatal protocol error bad line length character (width no character at the end)
  LEI | with*
  LEI | anybody able to help out? :)
 ntnn | LEI: the actualy output would be more helpful
  LEI | There is the problem there is not output just "fatal: protocol error: bad line length character:"
  LEI | I tried some stackoverflow stuff "ssh <host> git-receive-pack <repo> but it hangs in tmux and in terminal aswell so I
      | dont know what to think
  LEI | I see some lines then it stops at "0000"
  LEI | which indicates an empty length I guess..
 ntnn | are you doing magic in your shell configuration when tmux is present or something like that?
  LEI | A bit im afraid
  LEI | I am gonna try cut stuff out and see
  LEI | the only tmux specific stuff is an export of screen-256... in my bashrc
 ntnn | urgh
 ntnn | never export stuff in your bashrc
 ntnn | thats not the issue at hand here, but its bad practice
  LEI | except the $PATH right? :)
 ntnn | no
  LEI | hum :D
 ntnn | exports go into your .bash_profile
  LEI | oh well
 ntnn | read the part invocation in the bash manual
  LEI | I will
  LEI | well
  LEI | moving the path export to bash_profile just solved it
  LEI | I will go read the fucking manual
  LEI | thanks
 ntnn | :)

Story: pflanze wanted to disable all keybinds, including the prefix, in tmux.

That has been implemented in tmux 2.2 - pflanze is on 1.6 (most likely raspbian or a similar debian fork with unmaintained packages).

pflanze | Also, why didn't it cross the minds of the devs of neither screen nor tmux from the start that a user
        | might want to disable all bindings?
pflanze | *That*'s incomprehensible to me.
teatime | because there's only one single binding, really, and it's the gateway to allllll of the functionality
        | of screen/tmux.
    Nei | well it's implemented now so what the devs usually can't comprehend is why don't you just update the
        | software
   ntnn | you usually want some way to control an interactive program.
    Nei | or even better only use the software you've written yourself
pflanze | teatime, wrong, sharing is a functionality on its own
   ntnn | emphasis on _interactive_
teatime | whatever.
pflanze | I've been bothered by the issue for 10-15 years now.
pflanze | The answer to upgrade wouldn't have worked back then.
pflanze | Anyway, thanks to whomever wrote the software.
   ntnn | did you send a mail to the mailinglist requesting such an option?
    Nei | you could have contributed a patch 15 years ago then it would have been fixed much earlier
pflanze | But I'm just tired to hear those "jokes" about stale Debian wherever I go.
    Nei | but no instead you just like to whine on how all that code you're using for free without ever giving
        | back just sucks
pflanze | I've got my own software projects.
pflanze | Can't do everything.
   ntnn | Thats nice honey
pflanze | Honey?
pflanze | So, I take back "*That*'s incomprehensible to me" and just leave.
pflanze | Thanks again, cu.
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teatime | what a dick.
    Nei | now that was an *excellent* choice


hotbot | [10:07:16] first time in irc , is it always so fun here?)
bendem | [10:07:37] nah, generally people exchange useful information in a polite manner



garnder | emacs crashed on me. did anyone answer my question about which commit one should use if they want
        | :helpall and :cookies to work?
sqrl    | did someone just really say emans in #pentadactyl



fred_ | hips
 ntnn | ?
fred_ | don't you like a nice pair of hips
 ntnn | sure, who doesn't besides asexual individuals
 ntnn | my question is rather why you mentioned it
fred_ | i wants to say hi but i slipped
 ntnn | :D
 ntnn | well, hello then